Banda El Recodo Past Tour Dates

Banda El Recodo & Banda Los Recoditos

Chicago , Illinois

Saturday, November 8, 08:00 PM

Banda El Recodo

Valley center , California

Friday, September 12, 09:00 PM

Banda El Recodo

Anaheim , California

Saturday, February 15, 08:00 PM

Banda El Recodo

Highland , California

Thursday, January 30, 07:30 PM

Banda El Recodo

San Jose , California

Sunday, October 13, 01:00 PM

Banda El Recodo & Banda Los Recoditos

San Diego , California

Saturday, August 24, 07:30 PM

Banda El Recodo Tour Dates

Banda Sinaloense el Recodo de Don Cruz Lizárraga, often referred to as Banda el Recodo is a Mexican Banda sinaloense group. Since its founding in 1938, it has been under the direction of the Lizárraga family. Banda el Recodo has performed with such popular artists as Juan Gabriel, Michael Concepcion, and Roberto Márquez. The ensemble consists of four clarinets, three trumpets, a tambora: a bass drum with a cymbal on top, a tarola: a snare drum, a tuba, three trombones, and two singers. According to the 2013 court testimonies of the drug lord Jesús Enrique Rejón Aguilar, Banda el Recodo performed at several private parties held by leaders of Los Zetas drug cartel for a sum of $250,000 USD. He also testified that the favorite musical group of Miguel Treviño Morales, the top leader of Los Zetas, was Banda el Recodo.