Coal Chamber Past Tour Dates

Coal Chamber

Santa Ana , California

Saturday, August 22, 08:00 PM

Coal Chamber (18+ Event)

Las Vegas , Nevada

Friday, August 21, 06:30 PM

Coal Chamber

Salt Lake City , Utah

Thursday, August 20, 06:00 PM

Coal Chamber

Denver , Colorado

Wednesday, August 19, 05:30 PM

Coal Chamber

Lincoln , Nebraska

Tuesday, August 18, 06:30 PM

Coal Chamber

Cleveland , Ohio

Sunday, August 16, 05:30 PM

Coal Chamber

Philadelphia , Pennsylvania

Saturday, August 15, 06:00 PM

Coal Chamber

Poughkeepsie , New York

Wednesday, August 12, 06:00 PM

Coal Chamber

New York , New York

Tuesday, August 11, 06:00 PM

Coal Chamber (19+ Event)

London , Ontario

Monday, August 10, 06:00 PM

Coal Chamber

Asheville , North Carolina

Monday, August 3, 06:30 PM

Coal Chamber

Cincinnati , Ohio

Saturday, August 1, 05:30 PM

Coal Chamber

Sauget , Illinois

Friday, July 31, 05:30 PM

Coal Chamber

Lawrence , Kansas

Thursday, July 30, 06:30 PM

Coal Chamber

Dallas , Texas

Wednesday, July 29, 06:30 PM

Coal Chamber

San Antonio , Texas

Tuesday, July 28, 05:30 PM

Coal Chamber

El Paso , Texas

Sunday, July 26, 06:30 PM

Coal Chamber Fear Factory & The Devil You Know

Albuquerque , New Mexico

Saturday, July 25, 07:30 PM

Coal Chamber

Tucson , Arizona

Friday, July 24, 05:30 PM

Homeboy Sandman

Amsterdam , Netherlands

Monday, June 1, 07:30 PM

Coal Chamber

Brighton , United Kingdom

Thursday, May 28, 06:00 PM

Coal Chamber

Exeter , United Kingdom

Wednesday, May 27, 07:30 PM

Coal Chamber

Glasgow , United Kingdom

Sunday, May 24, 06:00 PM

Coal Chamber

Nottingham , United Kingdom

Saturday, May 23, 06:00 PM

Coal Chamber

Atlanta , Georgia

Thursday, April 9, 07:00 PM

Coal Chamber

Charlotte , North Carolina

Wednesday, April 8, 07:00 PM

Coal Chamber

Norfolk , Virginia

Tuesday, April 7, 07:00 PM

Coal Chamber

Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania

Monday, April 6, 07:00 PM

Coal Chamber

Sayreville , New Jersey

Friday, April 3, 06:00 PM

Coal Chamber

New York , New York

Sunday, March 29, 07:00 PM

Coal Chamber Filter Combichrist & American Head Charge

Worcester , Massachusetts

Saturday, March 28, 06:30 PM

Coal Chamber

Columbus , Ohio

Wednesday, March 25, 06:00 PM

Coal Chamber

Minneapolis , Minnesota

Monday, March 23, 07:00 PM

Coal Chamber Filter & Combichrist

Detroit , Michigan

Saturday, March 21, 05:00 PM

Coal Chamber Tour Dates

Coal Chamber is an American nu metal band formed in Los Angeles, California, in 1993. Prior to Coal Chamber, Dez Fafara and Meegs Rascón formed the band She's In Pain in 1992. The two decided to create Coal Chamber. They disbanded in 2003 after ten years together, but announced a reunion in September 2011. Their first drummer, Jon Tor, was eventually replaced by Mike Cox. After bass guitarist Rayna Foss joined, the Coal Chamber lineup was complete. In 1997, their first album, Coal Chamber, was released. They toured very heavily supporting this album. The album produced one single and a video, "Loco". The video was also added as an extra after the ending credits of Dee Snider's film, Strangeland. The band also recorded an exclusive song for the soundtrack, titled "Not Living". Chamber Music followed two years later. Between the two releases and after the band's tour with the metal act Sevendust, bass guitarist Rayna Foss married Sevendust's drummer Morgan Rose and became pregnant, necessitating another bass guitar player on tour, a role filled by Nadja Peulen. Foss came back for the recording of Coal Chamber's third album, but left after the studio sessions to raise her daughter, Kayla Moray Rose. Dark Days was released in spring 2002. Their only single and video was for the track "Fiend".