The Good Life Past Tour Dates

The Good Life

Minneapolis , Minnesota

Tuesday, December 30, 08:00 PM

The Good Life

Los Angeles , California

Thursday, August 7, 08:30 PM

The Good Life

San Francisco , California

Wednesday, August 6, 07:00 PM

The Good Life Tour Dates

The Good Life is an indie rock band on Saddle Creek records. Started as a solo project of Cursive's frontman Tim Kasher, The Good Life quickly grew to become its own established group. The original intent of The Good Life was to provide Tim Kasher with a vehicle to perform songs that did not fit stylistically in with his long-running band Cursive. Kasher fronts the group and plays the part of the singer/songwriter. The other members of the band include Stefanie Drootin, Ryan Fox, and Roger Lewis. The Good Life has its core in those four musicians, but besides Kasher can be a rotating cast of characters involving many from Saddle Creek Records. The band's name came from the original state slogan for Nebraska, the home of Kasher and Saddle Creek, before 2003, when the slogan was changed. The Good Life released their fourth album, Help Wanted Nights on September 11, 2007.